Welcome to the Canadian Working Divers Institute

CWDI has been training qualified individuals to be certified Unrestricted Surface-Supplied Divers since 1993. Since that time CWDI has trained well over 500 divers from 25 countries. The demand for certified divers has never greater, which gives our graduates a prime opportunity to engage in an exciting and rewarding career. With superior training our graduates often exceed into advanced positions in the diving industry.

CWDI was registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act 2005.

CWDI is accredited with:

Divers Certification Board of Canada
The National Energy Board
The Provincial Offshore Petroleum Boards
Canadian Ministry of Employment and Immigration. As well; CWDI exceeds all US federal and state standards.

The next 12-week course runs July 26 / 2021 to October 18 / 2021
(Start's July 26th , Please arrive on campus one day early on July 25th)

Course Introduction, Location & Facility:

Canadian Working Divers Institute has a superior campus located on Borden Lake near Chapleau, Ontario. The facility is named Chapleau Lodge.

The emphasis of the offered course is on practical hands-on training with up-to-date marine construction and offshore techniques. This facility gives our students a competitive edge through the cost-effectiveness of receiving this training in a real-life commercial diving environment; all accompanied by professional, certified and experienced instructors.

On a typical day CWDI students wake up at 05:30, have a snack and start class at approximately 5:55 am. There is a break from 08:00 am to 08:30 am for breakfast. After breakfast students and instructors depart from the lodge on the CWDI diving barge for the day. Students will spend the day working on practical non-simulated projects, which duplicate an actual working environment. Lunch is served on the barge (we do not stop for lunch) and return to the lodge by 18:00. Dinner is served and after students will have time to complete homework assignments or receive extra help from instructors. Time permitting; students can engage in relaxing activities such as hiking, fishing, swimming or relaxing around a campfire.

*Please note; just like the real industry, start times may vary!!!!

Training activities run 12 hours per day; 6 to 7 days per week. This 12-week program has very little time for diversions. The diving barges are moored close to the classroom, lounge, shops, main office and living facilities. The facility has 200 feet of water-front, which is 300 meters from the college. There is road access from CWDI's remote facility to the local town of Chapleau. Only one course is scheduled per year with openings for 21 qualified students. CWDI maintains a 5:1 student/teacher ratio.

Transportation Options for Students:

If flying into Toronto you can contact the Comfort Inn at (905) 677-7331 and Ask for Zena (zzecono@hotmail.com) and inform Zena or the hotel staff that you are going to be a student at Canadian Working Diver Institute in order to receive you pre-arranges student discount.

If you need assistance with travel arrangements to Chapleau please let us know and we will see how we can assist you.

CWDI is a private corporation with the goal of maintaining the best entry-level commercial diver training in the world with a facility to match. CWDI's diver training exceeds the "Canadian Standards Association's Z275.5 Diver Training Guidelines", which has the highest standards in the world.

John Pegg, Director of Operations, Diver, Instructor