Curriculum - Practical / Curriculum - Theory


"Approved as a Vocational Program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005"

There will be an instructor available every day after supper to help students that are having difficulty with any aspect of the course. Due to the intensive nature of the program there will be a test each week to monitor progress.

Each instructor will oversee a five person dive team, giving a 5/1 student/teacher ratio.

Theory will be incorporated into this period of intensive supervision and instruction.

Mobilization and demobilization are an important part of daily work in construction diving. Many jobs require more equipment than the norm to account for changing hazards, projects and environments. At C.W.D.I. dive teams select the appropriate equipment and mobilize/demobilize the equipment each day. Equipment maintenance and repair will also be taught during this period.

Schedule Changes:
The Institute reserves the right to change the start dates or cancel courses and or amend the course outline or length.

Curriculum Practical


Subjects Covered


Gains, Stop Logs and Dams

•hazardous waters (head) 
•u/w orientation & inspection 
•preparatory inspection 
•report writing 
•leak repair techniques 
•blueprint reading 
•structural design 

•inspection and repair 
•sealing leaks - gains repair


•oilfield diving & equipment 
•rigging & cutting 
•u/w search & orientation 
•jetting & air lifting 

•locating casing bowl 
•land wellhead 
•connect pipeline to wellhead 
•pressure test

Cribs and Piles

•crib construction 
•cutting & drilling 
•explosives - rigging & hoisting 
•u/w orientation 
•jetting and air lifting

•build crib 
•repair crib


•pipe types 
•grading and alignment 
•jetting and air lifting 
•u/w orientation and inspection 
•cutting and welding 
•trenching techniques 

•pipe puzzle 
•trench, lay, grade and join 
•air lift and remove 


•u/w search and orientation 
•jetting and air lifting 
•rigging and hoisting 
•hull repair 

•clear silt from wreck 
•locate and survey wreck

•repair and float hull 
•salvage u/w objects


•rigging & hoisting - types 
•forming(types & method) 
•drilling and anchoring 
•inspection & report writing 
•load and stress calculations

•inspection and report and dams 
•chip face, form and pour

Marine Railway

•hazards (lock out) 
•u/w orientation 
•cutting and welding 
•jetting and grading 
•rigging and hoisting 
•blueprint reading 
•inspection and report writing

•track alignment to specifications 
•track grading to specifications 
•rock removal

Obstruction Removal

•explosives - drilling and jetting 
•anchoring - pile cutting, welding

•concrete and rock removal

Curriculum - Theory

Law & Ethics:
Law: Canada(Provincial and Federal), USA, Britain, Australia, C.S.A Ethics

Advanced Diving:
Safety: planning, hazards, organization, supervision
Theory: biophysiology, history, diving equipment, physiology
Physics: advanced gas laws, biophysics

Gas and Oil Field Diving:
safety, saturation, bells, B.O.P.s, L.M.R.s, wellheads, rig construction and types, exploration procedures, production systems, introduction to R.O.V.s, one atmosphere systems

Dams & Powerhouses:
types, operation, safety, repair, maintenance, hazards

Forming & Concrete:
Forming: safety, types, method of application, anchors, planning, sealing, load and stress calculations, sandbagging
Concrete: types, super-plasticizers, aerating, slump, pouring, testing, grout, grout bags and mats, strength, additives

Rigging & Seamanship:
Rigging: safety, rigging, hoisting, crane signals, knots and splices, safe working loads, synthetic rope, wire rope, rigging hardware
Seamanship: navigation, regulations, safety and small boat handling

Safety, salvage calculations, stability, law, tides, supervision, locating, pumps, rolling, cofferdams, slinging, planning, surveying, marking, air containers for hoisting, mechanical hoisting

Dredging & Jetting:
Dredging: safety and hazards, air lifts, impellers, submersibles, venturies, trouble shooting, systems design, cutter heads, material character
Jetting: nozzles, high pressure pumps, methods, operation, sleds

Emergency Procedures:
Chamber Operation: plumbing, repair, maintenance, hygiene, operation, design, construction
Tables: D.C.I.E.M., U.S. Navy, British, riser, saturation, bounce
Treatment: tables, flow charts, procedures
Mixed Gas: theory, mixing, procedures, communication, rack operation, planning

Cutting and Welding:
Cutting Steel: oxy-acetylene, oxy-hydrogen, oxy-arc, grinders, needle gun, explosives
Cutting Wood: safety, chain saws, explosives
Cutting Concrete: chippers and breakers, shears, explosives, expanding grouts
Welding: techniques, electrodes, safety, knife switch

Pipelines and Fittings:
Pipe: polyethylene, concrete, fiberglass, steel(ridged and corrugated), joints, inspection
Pipelines: safety, grading, penetration, back-filling, intakes, diffusers, repair, lasers, alignment targets, trenching
Fittings: flange and tapping sleeves, welded, oxygen, dresser couplings, Victaulic couplings, bell and spigot, saddle clamps, JIC and SAE, NPT and compression
Inspection: safety, hazards, piers and bridges, u/w orientation, contaminated environments, construction techniques, piles
Power Tools: hydraulic, pneumatic, black powder